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Evolving the MX Industry


State of Attraction

SOFA® has set out to provide the motocross market with the highest quality, highest performing set of moto gear that can be offered. Lead by our love of our industry, we are inspired to contribute in a positive, enjoyable way. Take part in this journey to get the most out of moto, and the most out of life. Are you in the state of attraction?

Simply respecting the need for something better

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A Fresh Perspective

Be a part of Moto’s first functional gear redesign and experience how ride-wear should function and feel. It’s our passion and commitment to meet the need for higher performing gear in today’s market. Order now and find out how SOFA®’s ProZip will enhance your riding.

Thoughtful design, resilient quality

See the details of what makes ProZip® so different among products in today’s market. Every aspect of this gear has been designed for convenience, comfort, and performance, so you can enjoy your gear to the fullest.

Learn About the Tech

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Fueling Passion, Industry and Community

At SOFA®, we strive for excellence every single day, and are looking for MX riders who do the same. Not only on the track, but off of it. If you think you have what it takes to be a supported rider, see our requirements and submit a resume today.

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