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About the Gear

To start, see the sizing chart for each item. Keep in mind, SOFA™ apparel is designed to work together, so ordering the same size jersey and pant is suggested. If you fit into a large set of pants, we guarantee you will fit into a large jersey. Our gear fits slimmer and tighter than most products on the market. If you do have special needs, you are not restricted from ordering preferred sizes. See sizing chart for gloves.

Start by making sure the zippers on the leg are unzipped. Slide each foot through the correct hole on the compression layer and pull up until compression waist band is on upper hip. The entire pants should be put on (compression and attached outer layer). Put on the jersey, tuck it in so the split goes around the seam lines, adjust the outer pant accordingly, and fasten the belt. To do this, slip the metal hook through the loop on the lace cover, tighten as needed, and button extra strap to buttons also located on right hip. This belt system should stay fastened, meaning you can simply pull on the belt when you undress and slip the metal hook out while leaving the strap buttoned. Repeat the process in reverse to gear up. Now you can put your knee braces on and pull the outer pant leg down for adjustment. Zip all the way down to secure, and put your boot on. Again, repeat the same process in reverse to take gear off or adjust knee braces, air out, etc… Lastly, for the gloves, pull the cuff on the glove over the end of the jersey sleeve. This way, no skin is showing and no dirt gets in.

About SOFA™

Choose SOFA™ because we offer a completely revamped design for moto apparel that can’t be found anywhere else. This design eliminates all movement between layers and allows you to stay solid on the seat while cornering, starting, and pulling up hills. Monkey butt is minimized as well as binding and bunching in the crotch area of the pant. Another large benefit is being able to gear up and down in half the time. Now you can use the zippers to unfasten the pant quickly and easily for airing out or adjusting knee braces between races and ride sessions. Save money on additional sport socks since you can wear any socks you want with the integrated long leg compression layer. The compression fits comfortably to the ankle, so even ankle high socks work. While wearing the ProZip series, you’ll feel the difference every time you gear up, ride, and gear down.

SOFA™ is an acronym for the State Of Attraction.  Simply put, being in the State OF Attraction gives you the ability to attract whatever you are focusing on. As you take part in becoming a part of the Sofa Brand family, we encourage you to remember that the power of your mind has the ability to translate your ideas into reality. Dream big, have the right mind set, and you will go places you never thought possible. Be in the State OF Attraction.

Check out our rider support page for requirements and resume submission. One thing to remember, is that a sponsorship is an agreement between a supporting company and a rider who work mutually in benefitting each other’s progress and success. We understand this sport can be expensive, particularly if you ride as a hobby. Furthermore, if you are someone looking for a quick discount on apparel or merchandise, you’ll be interested in the promotions we’ll be doing as often as possible.